Circular Acoustic Panels

Re-thinking Acoustic Panels for a quieter and greener Future

Setting a new standard for acoustic panels

The bio-based panels are made with agricultural waste or cellulose pulps as a forest industry side-stream

Bio-Based & Compostable

The acoustic panels are fully bio-based and recyclable with cardboard.

Lightweight Material 

The panels offer a versatile solution for easy installation and handling, optimizing user convenience.

No Microplastics & Microparticles

The panels are free from microplastics, contributing to a cleaner environment.

User-Friendly & Endless Customization

The panels offer endless customization possibilities, allowing for seamless integration into diverse design concepts.

Continuous & Scalable Production

Our panels enable continuous and scalable production, meeting market demands efficiently and sustainably.

Outstanding Acoustic Properties

The material properties of the cellulose foam ensure superior sound management in any environment.

We aim to address plastic pollution and environmental issues by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic-based indoor acoustical foams. 

The solution is inspired by natural materials like wood and cork, utilizing forestry resources & agricultural waste. The foam‘s structure enhances its acoustic properties, and surface treatment further improves performance. 

The manufacturing process is simple and continuous, enabling large-scale production. Our technology can incorporate additives to adjust properties such as density, stiffness, and functionality. 

The research demonstrates potential benefits like anti-bacterial features, with confidence in the superiority of the proposed material and process over other bio-based foam alternatives.

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team, ranging from seasoned university professors to young startup enthusiasts. Our team comprises of experts in science business and arts.

Mikko Alava

Project Manager
Scientist & Professor
at Aalto University

Tero Mäkinen

Acoustics, Physics & Machine Learning

Annukka Raukko

Research Assistant Engineering Physics
at Aalto University

Michael Buchta

Designer and Jr.

Riia Ranta​

Commercialization expert Expertise in R2B projects and entrepreneurship

Juha Lejon

Research Assistant
Engineering Physics
at Aalto University

Lassi Kauhanen

Research Assistant Industrial Design
at Aalto University

Isaac Miranda-Valdez

Rheology, Engineering & Material Science

Ville Kokkonen

Design Lead
Industrial designer
Professional R&D